Welcome to Natural Refined!

The purpose of this blog is for me to teach, inspire, and grow with you as I delve into all things beautiful. It can be naturally through hair and skin care or refined beauty through makeup. Either way, there is something for everyone. I'll also be posting a little lifestyle tidbits here and there. Welcome to Natural Refined!

About Jewel!

I started my natural hair journey accidentally. Yes, that's right! I did not plan to go natural. As a freshman in college I loved to stay on campus. Even though I was only 30 minutes from home I would drag out the time in between my relaxers. Until eventually I just stopped getting them. As I transitioned, I would get my hair trimmed in between protective styles. I would literally get a sew-in or braids, take them out, trim, and get them put right back in. I have cut, colored, braided, weaved, and tried numerous natural styles. I then created a blog in 2016 that talked all things beauty. New to websites I did not know what a backup was and my website crashed losing everything I had ever worked on. As I began to love my natural hair I started to play in makeup as well. Over the years I have found a passion for makeup and creating looks. I started a YouTube Channel in 2017 to showcase a little of my talent. Here I am now with a new website and a new passion for posting.